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His direct gaze no nonsense, full of grace and care and love for me, for life itself - for every moment of life lived. Even in the black and white you can sense the aquamarine of his blue eyes. That countenance so sure, so confident, so self assured, raw and true proud and in pain at losing life but seeing life for the fullness of its 62 years. No regrets, only graceful acknowledgment.

Dementia Mama Wisdom

I’ve never confided in my mother about any of the things girls children, teenage girls, or pregnant out of wedlock women girls have been known to share with their mothers. So, it may be obvious why I navigated the rest of my life sans motherly advice, but now exactly sixty years later, I do want my mother’s advice.

Le Monde: Chad – 1979

by Mar Sulaika
Heraclitus, philosopher 500 BCE, said change is constant. Is this an oxymoron, the mobius-strip of shit we must constantly relive every generation? That change is constant, but the constancy is that it doesn’t change?

Holly Go Brightly – A Covid Surprise

by Mar Sulaika
This collage is a reflection of new found friendship: our 1955 birth days are one week apart. March 21, 2021 “I just did too much,” I said to my new friend Holly, …all I had to do was return a DVD to the library three blocks away – so naturally I decided that I might as well do this other thing and then, do this, and before I knew it – I had eight things on the list…” Holly was laughing. She knew. She got it. “Then it started raining and of course, I had to get my list done…and […]

The Gucci Purse

by Able Assistant
And there it was. A black patent leather Kelly bag. A single silver clasp gleamed right into my eyes as I spotted it on the shelf. I swear I could see my reflection ten feet away in that super polished cow hide. Simple. Elegant. And, mine….?

30 Years After The Fact

by Able Assistant
Love stories thirty years later - inspire other love stories. Here’s to the everlasting of both.

The Bullwinkle Decoder Ring… Just Doesn’t Work Without Them

by Able Assistant
November 25, 2020 Is it possible that I am making this up? You know that l960s thing we used to say, not knowing we were apparently quoting, Zhaungzia from the 4th century BCE: “…Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly… now I do not know whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man…”? And how that was the first taste of mumbo-jumbo that would lead us into the likes of, “…organized people are just too lazy to search for stuff…” etc. But, here’s the thing: The relationship I had with boys when I was […]

Fly Fishing: A Dream

“Fly fish tackle box”, he said, mesmerized by the same glittering light dance I was. I just looked at them -in their little cribs, one in one at a time. An array of dancing strings of color. For fishing?

In TV Cable Land: Male Testosterone Rules

by Able Assistant
“Men are better at this than women aren’t they?” Yes,” said Raj.

Southport: The Air Force Base and Paulette

Ya gotta love the l960s. I Love Lucy after school. Basketball practice after supper. Gangs of 13-year old girls picking up one and then the other girlfriend and then the third or fourth to roam the airforce base of eight streets (we thought it was gargantuan) with maybe seventy-five PMQs (we thought the Primary Married Quarters were a town).