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A Spanish Banks Photo 32 Years Later

That sunny day at Spanish Banks before we found out about the cancer was joyous, sublime and our step across the threshold of before and after.

Vassiliky and Her Donkey

When I lived in Greece with Peter in the l980s, his neighbour Vassiliky was wary of me. She was in her 80s, I was in my 30s, and Peter was in his 50s. As she looked me up and down she was definitely skeptical: dyspistos.

The New Purse

When I arrived at the nurses station to pick up my mother to take her for her smoke, I noticed her coming up the long hall to greet me carrying a white purse I had never seen before. Crooked over her left arm like the Kelly bag she had in the l950s I puzzled as to this new white one’s origin.

The Gucci Purse

by Able Assistant
And there it was. A black patent leather Kelly bag. A single silver clasp gleamed right into my eyes as I spotted it on the shelf. I swear I could see my reflection ten feet away in that super polished cow hide. Simple. Elegant. And, mine….?

Brother and Sister

January 13, 2021 A favorite memory at 65 is my father and his older sister who were in their sixties when I remember them together most. They really loved each other, being with the other. I can’t say/won’t say Auntie Wan was like my dad’s second wife, but she and my dad Eddie – known as Tap – had an intimacy that my mother never had with her husband. The connection, the communication, the kindness they shared at the kitchen table late into night – past the pedaheh and holopches she would prepare for a Sunday dinner when we travelled […]

The Bullwinkle Decoder Ring… Just Doesn’t Work Without Them

by Able Assistant
November 25, 2020 Is it possible that I am making this up? You know that l960s thing we used to say, not knowing we were apparently quoting, Zhaungzia from the 4th century BCE: “…Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly… now I do not know whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man…”? And how that was the first taste of mumbo-jumbo that would lead us into the likes of, “…organized people are just too lazy to search for stuff…” etc. But, here’s the thing: The relationship I had with boys when I was […]

Fly Fishing: A Dream

“Fly fish tackle box”, he said, mesmerized by the same glittering light dance I was. I just looked at them -in their little cribs, one in one at a time. An array of dancing strings of color. For fishing?

Southport: The Air Force Base and Paulette

Ya gotta love the l960s. I Love Lucy after school. Basketball practice after supper. Gangs of 13-year old girls picking up one and then the other girlfriend and then the third or fourth to roam the airforce base of eight streets (we thought it was gargantuan) with maybe seventy-five PMQs (we thought the Primary Married Quarters were a town).


Remember back in the l970s’s the Orgasm-Atron in the movie, Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask? A character would walk into what looked like a space-age telephone booth. After a few minutes of twirling around inside he would come out totally refreshed after being pleasured beyond compare. Well… Going to see your 87 year-old parent in a Care Facility is nothing like that.


by Able Assistant
When I drink tea from a particular porcelain cup of my mother’s which I have known all my life, I am transported to another world. Where the Crinoline Lady in blue and yellow holds a basket of flowers I imagined as a kid, a whole garden of such ladies waiting for me to join them. Considering that it was Winnipeg in 1960 - and likely a frosty winter day at thirty-below zero - the powers of imagination are something to behold.