The Story Goddess
CrackPad Itinerary
Fun aside: The term CrackPad was coined by friend and colleague, Academy Award winning Documentary producer John Zaritsky.
As we both sit here on our gadget, it seemed apropos.
  • For corporate clients or individuals
  • For employees applying for PR (Permanent Residency) cards
  • For new Canadians studying for the job market
Series I - Individuals

5-minute English Instruction with Pronunciation and Grammar Exercises
Offering 1 class to Daily classes to 2 months of tutoring
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Series II - Corporations

5-minute English "On The Jobsite" tailored Pronunciation and Grammar
Price established per/individual Corporation/Business
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Master Class For Retiring C.E.O.s
Aristotle defined ‘memoria’ — what we call memory — as the most necessary part of aging.
James Hillman in The Force of Character And The Lasting Life adds that our memories give us “…long term gain and short term loss…”
I would add that aging and changing is the milieu retiring lions are confronted with in our fast-paced ever-changing world.

The Story Goddess solution is a writing program partly developed on the training / mentoring I received through writers Jack Remick, Robert J. Ray (click here) and Stewart Stern at the University of Washington in Seattle.
A lifetime of storytelling has allowed me to refine writing practice
for retiring leaders by tapping into what I call, A Memory A Day.
The goal, somewhat altruistic, is to address our global hysteria about dementia
with the hope that ‘memoria’ holds our secrets for our satisfying end years.
Harkening back to the father of Philosophy — Plato himself: necessity is the mother of invention - or so states the flowery interpretation of a Victoria translator.
Writing Practice
Loosely based on Natalie Goldberg’s seminal work, Writing Down The Bones, Shambala, Boston & New York, 2005 on how to access that writer’s tablet of imagination,
classes are available for individuals - and - groups of up to 12.
Using timed writing and other brain aerobic exercises to keep your critical editor at bay,
your takeaway is a series of lifelong tools any writer - either novice or professional - can use.

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- Story/Memoir writing -
- Job-specific English -

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