Mar Sulaika
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Mar Sulaika Ochs was born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, but says she "... was only there for about 6 minutes because my father was in the RCAF... I moved around a lot as a kid."

The traveling would continue throughout her career as an investigative journalist and then as wife and widow of international sculptor, Peter Paul Ochs.

The researcher/writer/producer of award winning television documentaries and two non-fiction books, Sulaika holds a Journalism Degree from the auspicious (1977-1979) program by Nick Russell at Langara College in Vancouver, and was mentored by Stewart Stern (Rebel Without a Cause, Sybille) in Screen Writing at the University of Washington.

Having survived malignant cancer at the age of 54, she is also an Alumna of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles where she studied the art of acting to compliment her already rich life experiences and to further inform her instruction on how to successfully "write."

Her life as a writer has created clients as diverse as non-English-speaking Immigrants in University Business Courses (BOSS) to Ivan Reitman - the Hollywood Producer and Director.

From the writing of Inspirational Memoirs in five days, ("... but I lived the story first for five years ... ") to creating a specific writing program (Inside the Word: The Word Inside) for near-illiterate Iranian and Iraqi high school students in the United States, she consistently applies the simplest of tools - that of listening - to create enormous success.

In organizational settings, using music, she illustrates how the vowels and consonants we deliberately seek as words are there within us at all times; simply waiting for Writing Practice to stave off the inner-editor and -censor that can inhibit us all. This professional technique, a series of tangible exercises, allows for individuals to tap into their truly unique voice.

Sulaika brings an important and valuable contribution to business and individuals primed for Conversational Leadership.