30 Years After The Fact

January 18, 2021
As good, old Russian stock from way back - my grandfather fled the Russian Revolution and I portrayed Irina Arkadina in The Sea Gull on the stage — I am reminded of Chekov by finding this photograph of my late husband and I outside Sans Souci in Potsdam.

History, love, arts culture - we are enveloped in all of that - especially in these pandemic times. Sans Souci in Prussia - where Peter was born means, ‘Without a Care’….a sound motif in these scare mongering times.

And Chekov? “Memory,” he discovered, “…is the means by which most of us retain our sanity. This act of remembrance is good, cathartic. Memory is the purgative by which we rid ourselves of the present. Memory is a form of hope.…

To that, I add: love stories thirty years later - inspire other love stories. Here’s to the everlasting of both.

Oh, and, my second name is Hope.

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