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Our First Art Gallery Exhibit, Spiti Nicolai, Rodos, Greece Photo credit: Peter Paul Ochs
Our First Art Gallery Exhibit, Spiti Nicolai, Rodos, Greece
Photo credit: Peter Paul Ochs
Mar Sulaika Ochs, Author

Nine Letters To A Dead Man...Before Being Found By Love Again

retells the universal stories of man and woman, love and loss, death and rebirth...

(Hara Publishing, 2001)

Mar Sulaika Ochs, Contributing Author

Hot Chocolate for The Mystical Lover: 101 True Stories of Soul Mates Brought Together by Divine Intervention

(forward by Deepak Chopra)

(Penguin 2001)

In the April 1987 edition of Vancouver Magazine, an article about Diana Kilmury and The Teamster's Union,
researched and written by Mar Chernaski, was published.

In June 1988, Mar and the article were one of three finalists in the Profile Category of The Western Magazine Awards.
Educational Programs:

Inside the Word: The Word Inside, Humanities Washington

(later developed for Chief Sealth High School, Seattle, WA. 2005)

I've delved into the world of 'podcasts' with a colleague, resurrecting and perpetuating the fading art of Conversation by commenting on news and current events. Find us at

Two Boomer Women and The Lost Art of Conversation.

Selected Clients:
  • Ivan Reitman - Montecito Pictures
  • Verity Bell-Irving Purdy
  • University of Washington - Henry 'Scoop' Jackson School of International Studies
  • Capilano University
  • Education Ministry of China (Hanban)
  • Wachitay / Aboriginal First Nations Writing Circle
  • GT Hiring Solutions - WORKBC
  • Chief Sealth High School - Seattle
  • BC School District# 71 - Special Class for Gifted Children
  • CBC Television / Toronto & Vancouver
  • ABC Television New York
  • BBC Television England
  • KCTS Channel 9 / Seattle
I like working in teams which is what television documentary making is about. I've researched, written, produced and led as senior producer in charge of documentary production for several TV Networks.

Over the course of my first career as a journalist I have helped win over 35 national and international awards for excellence.

My talents have always been achieving the 'get' interview. I bring to the table the ability to find the one person who is the 'grandfather' of the piece: a phrase I learned from my mentor at CBC's the fifth estate, Mr. Ron Haggart. This is the person who tells the story to you because you endear their trust. They go on camera without the camouflage of being in shadow (a cheat, professionally) to share their most heartbreaking life episodes. In the example of the award-winning documentary o.com, Nicole fearlessly exposed her feelings in this first ever report about the millions of people addicted to internet-sex.
Platinum/38th Annual Wolf Fest-Houston Film Festival: 2005
Finalist in the New York Festival International Television Awards: 2005 Montreal Wolf Film Festival: 2005
International Film & Video Festival, Elmhurst, Illinois: 2005

o.com: Cybersex Addiction
Book Expo of America/New York City: Author: 2002
The Benjamin Franklin Award Nomination

Nine Letters to a Dead Man ... Before Being Found by Love Again
Columbus International Film & Video Festival: Field Producer/Researcher: 2000

National Film Board: Unwanted Soldiers
Columbus International Film & Video Festival: Producer: 1992

The Career Counselor Scam
As senior television producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in charge of ten journalists and cameramen, produced/ 'green lit' over 83 documentary reports per year, several winning international awards listed below.
The New York Festivals: 1996

Forgotten Soldier: Silver Medal
Fields of Fire
Columbus International Film & Video Festival: 1996

Deadly Obsession
Forgotten Soldier
Making It in New York
Fathers & Sons
Gaining Acceptance
Quick Fix
Praying for God
Where Eagles Die
All the Wrong Moves
Boot Camp
Making the Grade
Radio Television News Directors Awards: 1995

Fields of Fire
A Question of Competence
Metis Finances
Forgotten Soldier
The New York Festivals: 1995

Northern Tragedy
In Memory of My Father
A Question of Competence
Columbus International Film & Video Festival: 1995

Fields of Fire: The Chris Award
A Call to Order
Love Theme Show
The Mourning After - as Independent Producer