Stanley Park
March 9, 2020
Spectacular, sunny morning inspired a walk in Stanley Park, one minute from my front door. When we are in nature we are in touch with soul, according to the ancients.

The Fish House restaurant is five minutes away, nestled in the park, with its incredible view of English Bay. How lucky are Vancouverites to be in such company? It has, however, been closed for almost three years and just recently opened so I checked out the new digs of what was once a great old place to have a drink and dinner.

The building did need to be replaced; it was decrepit. The new building is all shiny and new with beige and green exterior, but, where is the signage? Around the corner, almost invisible, Stanley Park Brewing. No hours shown.

I go up the stairs, nothing on the windows stretching down thrity feet. No sandwich board, nothing you can see inside. I go back to the sidewalk, look on the other side; no - nothing. I see a Parks Board worker as he is shovelling up some grass plants. I say good morning, and does he happen to know anything about this new restaurant? There don’t seem to be any signs. He’s in his 40s. He’s surprised, “how about on the other

“Nope, nothing,” I say heartily, then having some fun, “Is this a millennial thing, do ya think?”

He laughs. I respond, “I mean, really?”

Then I see two young women, maybe in their twenties, unloading the back trunk of a car at the service entrance. Where are the guys to do this? I wonder, as I see them carry boxes as big as they are.

“Excuse me, do you work here?”
Yes, they answer.
“There’s no sign to say what your hours are.”
“Oh, I think there is something out front,’ says one about to reach in the trunk.
“Nope, nothing,” I say.
They look at me as if I have two heads.
“I’d like to come here but I won’t if I don’t know what time you open.”
“Well, it’s online and….”
“Not everybody does that…” i say firmly.

In a longer discourse I might have mentioned that it’s a simple customer service courtesy that’s been around since the equivalent of Bob’s Burgers opened in Athens at the time of Christ.

“Well, we can talk to our manager,” says the other.
“Please do. It’s just common sense.”

As I walked off, I had to laugh.

Really? That’s your answer?

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