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When my best friend of twenty-eight years asked me to write something about the word ‘breath’ in reference to the Black Lives Matter rallying cry, I said yes. Mark said it was a topic of concern at his Public Relations firm in London England and some of his world renowned clients were curious too.

Our sublime simpatico of communication happened within the first five minutes of meeting each other at the CBC in 1992 to investigate job employment scams. Our work was recognized with an international award, but of course, nothing really changed with people taking advantage of other people in the job market because, accountability and responsibility - enforced by legislation - is the only way things can change. Note: Magna Carta -The Great Charter - of 1215 - that finally established English liberties to limit the abuse of power leveled by absolute authority.

But I digress.

This collage celebrates my friend, London Mark, with the end of his 7-year tenure as School Governor and Chair of Governors for 1 year at St. Michael’s School, Highgate, London.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882) says it best: “…the secret of education is respecting the pupil…" Here’s to my friend, Mark Dailey, who embraces the very quintessence that ideal honors.

July 14, 2020