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Mar-velous Monday: Episode 2 – Air India, 1985: The Sari of Sorrow

by Mar Sulaika
The cloth is pure silk; a deep turquoise - diaphanous and mysterious. The sublime undulating shadows capture both light and dark. Every sari tells a story; and that story has a theme. The story here is the one solid gold continuous thread along the border. It both testifies and belies tragedy and senseless loss of hundreds of lives.

Mar-velous Monday: Episode 1 – Burstall, Saskatchewan, 1995

by Mar Sulaika
June 22, 2021 The Story: “You don’t know how many hearts you touched all these decades with that story we did together, “said Shane just two weeks ago. Pastor-Doctor Shane Andrus is a man I met producing a story over twenty-five years ago that changed my life, his and – apparently – the three-hundred people of Burstall, Saskatchewan in l995. I had called him out of the blue this past week because my 90 year-old mother had gone from being in hospital Emergency to ICU to Palliative care — all in the span of three weeks, and I was seeking […]